An extraordinary
video about
honey bees
Beginning in 1952 and for the next twelve years, master beekeeper and photographer, Charles Hofmann, created the images and wrote the narrative for The World of Bees. He did not intend to teach people how to keep bees, but to show people something of how honey bees live and work, and to share his love of bees and the beauty of the environment in which they work. Hofmann presented his show for over 30 years to thousands of students and to countless groups large and small. His remarkable and award winning program is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Watch The World of Bees and you will marvel. You will reflect. You will often smile and sometimes laugh. You will be thankful for bees and come to love them. You’ll learn stuff. You may start telling your friends about bees. You might find them adorable and be tempted to get some of your own.

The World of Bees contains over 200 images: most inform, many are beautiful, and some are remarkable. Some of the most remarkable images are simply the result of special equipment in the hands of a dedicated and talented photographer with great purpose and unusual patience.

You will learn:
How bees survive winter
How bees gather pollen and nectar
What goes on inside a hive of bees
About swarming
About pollination
How insects and bees pollinate
Why pollination is so important
About bee stings and bee beards
and more

There is nothing like The World of Bees. It was created by a brilliant, remarkable man who loved bees and loved using the images he made to tell people about them. It is a perfect marriage of words and pictures. It is a masterpiece — a singular work that is beautiful, witty, charming and educational. Love it, or we’ll gladly refund the amount of your purchase. Chances are we won’t have to do that.